The 10 Best Lego Sets You’ll Be Able To Buy If There Is Any Justice In This World

05.12.14 5 years ago 6 Comments
If you don’t know how the Lego Ideas site works, it’s pretty simple:

  • Create a cool-looking Lego set
  • Get 10,000 people to upvote it
  • ???????

The question mark-y part, of course, is when Lego takes notice of your project and there’s a Review Board to decide if it’s worth going in to production. So I combed through the pages of projects (some of which have been online for quite a while) and found ten builds that I think deserve a little more attention. A completely biased list, of course.

10. Elsa’s Castle from Frozen – Okay, I haven’t seen Frozen. But everyone else has, and they’re insane for it — like, apparently Elsa (Adele Nazeem) made an appearance on last night’s Once Upon a Time. While I don’t care about any of that, this ice castle is pretty sweet. It’s actually comprised of six different shades of translucent blue bricks. I didn’t even know there were that many.

9. Lothlórien Swan Ship – I’m a little sick of the Lord of the Rings sets, this one’s very pretty, and the golden sail means it would be a unique set, and not something you could easily build by pilfering other Lord of the Rings sets.

8. Food Truck – If you’re like “Hey, BK, this looks boring, what gives?” First of all, how dare you speak to me. Secondly, I realized that 90% of this list was licensed properties when I ran across this little food truck and was charmed by its originality. It wasn’t yet another version of Hogwarts. It wasn’t a Batmobile. But it’s got quite a lot of little details that make it fun. So I decided to kick some of the less inspired sets (like a Goonies set that was only really interesting because of the minifigures, which you can’t pitch as an idea by itself) off the list for more “just plain Lego” stuff. Remember when everything wasn’t a Star War?

7. Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man – I’ve mentioned it here before, but it still hasn’t reached that 10,000 vote limit. This is a 13″ figure, with articulated arms, legs, head, feet and hands, created by Brent Waller, who’s already had one Ghostbusters Lego set put in to production. Just makes sense to add the most memorable villain to his repertoire. (Sorry, Viggo.)

6. The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker – This set includes the King of Red Lions’ dragon boat, an island with Chu-chu jellies and a hidden treasure chamber, and an enemy warship. Any one of those three things is worth buying on its own, at least if you’re a Zelda nerd and your favorite game is Windwaker (I.E., me.) This build is over 500 pieces, but the creator claims it would sell for less than $50. Dude, the boat’s head turns and stuff. Charge like $7 extra for that. More if you can make it actually talk.

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