The 33 Items Currently Tagged 'Marcus Bachmann' On Amazon

As you may have heard, Marcus Bachmann — the husband of wide-eyed GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann — is quite FABULOUS. He can dance. He can shop for outfits for his wife. He can smile pretty for the cameras. And he does all of this while appearing, well, quite gay.
He also, coincidentally, runs a controversial Christian counseling service that attempts to “pray the gay away” from homosexuals. If that weren’t enough, his wife Michele has historically been one of the most anti-gay politicians in America. So naturally, the internet — which does not take kindly to hypocrisy or ignorance — has been having a lot of fun at Marcus Bachmann’s expense.
The latest turn in those efforts, which a friend alerted me to earlier today, made me LOL so hard that I almost injured myself: People are are tagging Marcus Bachmann’s name to, ugh, some forms of merchandise currently available for purchase on I have no idea who’s behind this (Another bit of Dan Savage Santorum-esque trickery, perhaps?), but I want shake their hand and buy them a few drinks, whoever they are. If anyone knows who, if any one person, is behind this, please let me know in the comments.
Is this stunt juvenile? Absolutely. But it’s hilarious, and that’s all that matters to me.