The 8-Bit Version Of ‘Kill Bill’ Is A Blood Soaked Nostalgic Masterpiece

CineFix brings us another installment in their 8-Bit films series of videos with Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2. It blends the best of Ninja Gaiden, Kung Fu Master and Final Fight all into one beautiful Tarantino fueled mess.

I would’ve given a nod to Streets of Rage, but I’m a Capcom guy. That said, any game that features a kangaroo as a playable character is well worth your time.

The video does a good job of capturing the events of the movie and the music, but I think it lacks the flashbacks and charm. It also lacks Pai Mei which is a shameful thing. Still, it’s quite enjoyable. Makes me want to play Ninja Gaiden for like a minute until I get pissed and shut it off.

(Via CineFix)