‘The Bachelorette’ Drama Continues As Rachel Gets Closer To Finding Televised Love

After a week off for the star-spangled holidays, The Bachelorette returns as Rachel and the remaining contestants waltz around Europe. Last week, Rachel cut a lot of higher profile guys, so it was nice to see filler dudes like Matt and Adam (HONESTLY, WHO ARE THESE MEN?) get cut. We’re down to a pretty predictable final four with Peter, Bryan, Dean, and Eric ahead of next week’s hometown dates and viewers are left with quite the dilemma: Peter and Rachel have the best chemistry, but Peter is also the only one remaining who would make a compelling Bachelor next season.

Peter raised a few red flags (for the show. Admirable quality for real life.) by admitting that he wouldn’t propose if it didn’t feel right, but Rachel kept him around anyway. It’s safe to say that Twitter was divided.

However, people were a little more puzzled when Matt and Adam were sent home complete with tears and dramatic statements of affection. After absolutely zero screen time, this felt super weird.

Despite Rachel constantly saying that Bryan, a.k.a. the world’s worst kisser, is too smooth for his own good and that she doesn’t trust what he says at all (listen to those instincts, Rachel), some are saying he’s the guy who gets the final rose. Fans are not pleased.

Next week is the hometown dates, which always brings up some crazy family drama. Whose family will be the least offensive? Tune in next week to find out.