The Best (Dumbest) Nerd-Themed ‘YouTube Reacts’ Videos

Yesterday I posted a video featuring dramatic readings of YouTube commenters’ really goddamn stupid reactions to BioShock Infinite and we wall had a chuckle. Well, it turns out the makers of that video have been plumbing the depths of YouTube idiocy for a while, so here’s a few more of my favorite nerd-themed “YouTube Reacts” videos…

via Green Apple Flavored

Mists of Pandaria

Do you know which you choose? Do you have IQ?

DmC: Devil May Cry

Why did they did that to his hair?

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

[Looks closely]. Wait a minute…a pile of s–t…all over the gameplay!

The Dark Knight trailers

This is of course a two-parter because Batman seeks to inspire good, but he mostly inspires stupidity.

Reactions to the 2012 Election

Okay, this isn’t really geek related, but it’s pretty much the Sistine Chapel of “YouTube Reacts”.