The Best Of #Buster Bluth

I hesitated to dip back into the Arrested Development Best of # well shortly after Tobias Fünke set the bar so damn high, but with the news of Netflix stepping up and making another season of the Bluths a reality it just felt right. And since, like Buster, we all love Netflix despite their out-of-touch-with-reality goof ups — Qwikster might as well have been named Operation Hot Mother — he’s just the Bluth for the job. This whole thing is an unlimited juice situation.

The Buster episode also tops my personal list (along with GOB and George Michael) of highly anticipated character catch up episodes for the new season. Just imagine the hijinks everyone’s favorite motherboy has gotten into over the long hiatus! I’m not the only one picturing a robotic prosthetic hand a la Luke Skywalker am I? The number of Empire homages would be outstanding. Buster, Oscar, some form of scaffolding. Hurwitz, if you’re reading this all I require is a shout in the credits.

#Buster Bluth