The Best Of Ellen Muthaf*ckin’ Barkin’s Muthf*ckin’ Tweets So Muthaf*ckin’ Far

I can’t believe it’s only been a week and I’m writing about another celebrity joining Twitter (previously here, follow-up here) but this is another unique case of a 50+ year-old actor with an intense proclivity for profanity BAMF-ing up the Twitterverse with some intentional, but mostly unintentional, comedy.
Ellen Barkin joined Twitter on the 13th and immediately began garnering widespread attention thanks to her creative and aggressive use of f-bombs and middle school typing skills during late night wine sessions in her “Pmuthaf*ckingJs.” She’s almost up to 20K followers, which I imagine will soon begin dwindling along with the novelty, but for now I say we celebrate the randomness that is Ellen Barkin outing herself on Twitter as weird combination of your mom and a guy who works down at the docks.
I can’t endorse actually following her, because I’m certain it would get really annoying really quickly. She spends a lot of time live-tweeting the Republican debates and Real Housewives follow up shows. So I’ve done the dirty work, scoured the spectacle, and chronologically compiled the best of Ellen Barkin’s Twitter adventure thus far. If you’re at all concerned about your boss looking over your shoulder and thinking you’re following a foul-mouthed 14 year-old, turn back now.
@EllenBarkin via Vulture