The Best Of #Jeff Winger

That’s right. It’s happened. Thanks to the fear that we may never see it again and the relief that we have it back, we’re going Community back to back. Last week we Best of’d Community’s most important character. This week we turn our attention to the other most important character.

Yep, Jeff Winger. Narcissistic trial lawyer turned reluctant study group leader with a penchant for persuasive speeches, as so marvelously portrayed by Joel McHale. If Abed is the springboard for the show’s ideas, Jeff is the structural center that allows for Dan Harmon to maintain focus. Both are equally important to the ethos of the show. Alison Brie’s Annie is, of course, the other other most important character. For obvious reasons.

When putting this together I was thinking “Wingerisms,” but quickly came to the realization that #Jeff+Winger is chocked full of “for the ladies” Joel McHale eye candy. So to reconcile the slide #31 I’ll just leave this here.

#SixSeasonAndAMovie gets back on track on Thursday. Get excited.

#Jeff Winger & F*ck Yeah Jeff Winger
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