The Best Of #Kenny Powers

Some weeks this “Best of #” thing is harder to put together than others. This is not one of those weeks.

Eastbound & Down returns to the Carolinas for Season 3 on Sunday, so this is the biggest no-brainer since the last time I was offered free drugs. We got a hint at the return of full Kenny Powers glory over at Grantland last week, and let’s just say I’m excited.

Prepare to be f’d up with some truth as I defy you to find more digestible collection of Kenny-isms on the world wide web. I’m talking GIFs on the reg, quotes on the reg, and jet ski rides on the reg. If anything, I’m concerned the whole thing is too inspiring for a Monday. Not all of you were born with rocket arms, a Burmese python in your pants, and the mind of f’n scientist.

High levels of well-placed profanity to follow, in case for some reason you’re not into that sort of thing. And just to make it clear, “It was the eggrolls, not the ecstasy” is the most underrated line in modern television history.


And for good measure…