The Best Of #Remedial Chaos Theory

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10.17.11 6 Comments

So, was last week’s Community, “Remedial Chaos Theory,” the greatest Community episode ever or the greatest television episode ever? The question is open for debate, but I think we can all agree it was glorious and mind-blowing and the sort of nonconforming ambitious effort that makes Community the smartest sitcom on television.
Doing an alt timelines episode was bound to stir up some discussion on the internet, but one of the coolest results of “Remedial Chaos Theory” has been the X-Files-like obsession with it, fans digging into the subtleties and easter eggs and theorizing all sorts of madness. Ufford’s breakdown of that is here, and let’s just say you’ll be revving up the DVR to rewatch soon. But first relive all the awesomeness with the Best of #Remedial Chaos Theory, complete with two killer fan made charts (one by Vulture, one by Alex Hitchcock) that thoroughly dissect “RCT.” Do alt timelines make anyone else so hungee?
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Source: Vulture

Source: Alex Hitchcock

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