The Best Of #Titanic Lulz

Easily my favorite thing about the movie Titanic is that it has been out for fifteen years and the internet has had plenty of time to make fun of it. And with Titanic re-releasing in 3D this week there will most likely never be a more appropriate time for me to assemble all the best jokes about Jack and Rose and people drowning.

Couple of things to keep in mind before we start talking plank size: 1) We’ve already covered the Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls meme, so you’ll find Fartzilla and other assorted jokes there. 2) Kate Winslet hates Celine Dion, or something. Seems relevant. 3) I plan to acquire the rights to Titanic in Reverse ASAP and option the film to Michael Bay. Think: Transformers meets Speed 2: Cruise Control.

Next up: The only reason to see Titanic 3D

Sources: #Titanic & Quickmeme