The Cheapest Running Shoes You Can Buy Are Also, Shockingly, The Worst

05.17.15 4 years ago

You know the saying “you get what you paid for”? It also applies to terrible “economy” running shoes. Granted, it takes very little labor cost to produce a running shoe.

Even top-tier footwear from Nike only takes 30 bucks a pair to make, so it stands to reason that a knock-off version from Starter — carried at your local Walmart retailer — might be even shabbier and more unreliable than their fancy counterparts. But it’s dangerous to presume anything about quality before testing the kicks out, right? RIGHT?

The words Frank, otherwise known as the Running Shoes Guru, uses to describe his experience running 5 miles in the Starter pair include: “awful,” “chafing,” “blister,” and “ridiculous.” He carefully details every way this shoe will fail you, as it failed him after just one wear. Be glad you didn’t take the same run on a bed of razors to find out for yourself.

(Via BroBible)

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