The Clownpocalypse Is Real: This Creepy Clown Has Been Terrorizing A Small California Town

Creepy clowns might be the stuff of hellish nightmares and the latest season of American Horror Story, but it’s a gruesome reality for residents of Wasco, California, a small town just two hours north of Los Angeles.

Like the evil carnival figure that haunted Staten Island earlier this year, the “Wasco Clown” has been roaming the streets late at night and hanging around local establishments. If that wasn’t freaky enough, he’s also been documenting his eerie adventures on both Instagram and Facebook. Although the true identity of the character remains a mystery, he recently told reporters at Kernal Golden Empire that the whole thing is actually part of a year-long project he’s been conducting with his wife. (Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “WTF kind of sick project is this?!”)

Despite his harmless intentions, the “Wasco Clown” has sparked a number of legitimately terrifying copycats in nearby cities. For example, police officials in Bakersfield have received numerous reports of “clowns standing in public holding machetes and baseball bats.” Way to go, Wasco. Your “project” has managed to leave thousands of folks scared sh*tless.

Below, check out more pictures of the “Wasco Clown” (and good luck sleeping tonight!).

And watch a short news report on the “Wasco Clown”:

Via Buzzfeed and Kernal Golden Empire