The Cool Collages of Botjira

Botjira takes collage and geek and combines them in all the right ways. Unless you are a fan of the collage art form, Botijira’s pieces are probably better than you realized a collage could be. His topic selection, Mario, Pokemon, anime, Tesla and Portal 2, are right in the Internet sweet spot. And while his characters are great, what makes those figures pop are the beautiful, textured backgrounds he places behind them.

Check out my favorites in the slideshow or go to Botjira’s page on DeviantArt for his portfolio.

Morning Sun – Moonlight by Botjira


Ashitaka and San by Botjira


Dragonite Airlines by Botjira


Portal 2 Chell by Botjira


Nikola Tesla by Botjira


Pokemon Trainer by Botjira


Spock by Botjira


Left 4 Dead by Botjira


Link by Botjira


Spirited Away by Botjira