The ‘Coolest’ Cooler Is Now The Most Successful Project In Kickstarter History

If you listen hard enough, you can hear millions of people across the world grumbling, “I could have thought of that” any time that there’s a news story about people who made a ton of money for their projects on Kickstarter. No idea has had people buzzing and kicking themselves more, though, than The Coolest, which is the brand new cooler for a brand new era, featuring everything from a blender to a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Last we checked in on the progress of The Coolest, inventor Ryan Grepper’s newest idea had raised more than $4.3 million on Kickstarter, thanks to people sharing his video like crazy across Facebook and Twitter.

Today, The Coolest sits atop Mt. Kickstarter as the king of all projects, according to CBS News, having surpassed $13.2 million in funding to make it the most successful project in the site’s history. While LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow project set a record for the most people chipping in for the cause, Grepper’s cooler is now the best in terms of people pulling imaginary levers and shouting, “CHA-CHING!”

The Coolest is expected to ship early next year, beginning with the tens of thousands of people who paid $165 and up, unless they’re one of the eight people who paid $2,000, because they’ll be getting theirs this month with a special bartending service from Grepper himself. For that kind of coin, he better be shirtless.