The Creator Of QWOP Has Turned Chess Into A Twitch Game

Chess is the game of kings, beloved by self-styled smart people and old guys in parks the world over. But it’s also a sedate game. Leave it to Bennett Foddy, the game designer who elevated trolling to an art form with QWOP, to turn it into something so fast you’d need amphetamines to follow it.

The rules are simple: Each of the sixteen players takes control of a pawn, and then you play chess. You lose your pawn, you jump into another piece and keep going.

It’s… frantic. Here’s the full video explaining the game, or you can just click this link to see the game in action:

The idea is to completely eradicate your ability to think ahead and just intuitively jump into gaps until the game ends. Even if you wanted to plan ahead, you couldn’t: the game is pure chaos and impossible to coordinate.

So, Foddy, how long before this hits PSN?