The Guy Behind ‘Ship Your Enemies Glitter’ Immediately Regrets Creating The Site

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Yesterday, the internet became obsessed with a new website that celebrates two things the internet loves most: being an evil troll and fancy sparkly things., which does exactly as its name would suggest, crashed within hours of going viral. Now the site’s creator has some Gob Bluth-style regrets.


Matt Carpenter first went to and tried to plead with the masses to stop with the glitter:


As commenter Zoe Landon pointed out, Carpenter made his glitter-coated bed. But rather than lie in it, he is now attempting to sell it.

When you look at Carpenter’s Twitter bio, his rush to sell makes a lot of sense:

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Assuming someone takes him up on his offer, he may get to enjoy that moolah after all.

Source: The Daily Dot