‘The Crew’ Is The Latest Victim Of The Fall Video Game Delay Curse

You know, it’s October, you’d think the Fall Delay Curse was done screwing with us. But, apparently not, as Ubisoft has just delayed their upcoming racing title by a month.

For those unfamiliar, The Crew is an extremely ambitious racing game wherein you race across the United States as a vast, persistent open world with no loading times. It’s not 1-to-1 scale, obviously; you can race from coast to coast in ninety minutes. It also mixes in RPG elements, and is also an always-online game, so, you can’t say Ubi isn’t trying to get things done.

Coming from IGN, the good news is that this means December will have another game to play, as the title is pushed to December 2nd. To give you an idea of how dry the last month of the year is, this bumps the total number of titles coming out in December to eight, and it marks the second cross-platform title of the month. In the meantime, a second beta will be rolling out in November.

The delay is actually more likely due to financial concerns than technical ones. Both Assassin’s Creed games come out November 11th, and Far Cry 4 comes out the next week on November 18th. That’s a lot of games from one publisher over two weeks in the first place; we won’t be surprised if Rogue gets delayed as well. But at least they’re spreading out the games we want to play a bit.