The Dadbod Instagram Account Is Finally Here To Satisfy Your Deepest Desires


For centuries, the pasty, privileged, slightly-overweight, white, male citizens who frequent America’s finest state-funded higher learning institutions have been disenfranchised by society’s strict interpretation of the word “sexy.”

Day after day, year after year, these men were discriminated against for their hairy-but-not-too-hairy chests, their proclivity for wearing cargo shorts and their restrictive diets of just pizza, light beer, and protein shakes. After generations of being seen as second-class sexual partners, these men will now have their voices heard because “dadbod” has gone viral.


Though the origin of the term “dadbod” is not definitively known (it can be traced back to an Urban Dictionary definition as far back as 2009), it’s moment is now, thanks to a 19-year-old Clemson sophomore who helped familiarize the internet with the term. That moment will echo in eternity, due to the collegedadbod Instagram account that’s sure to keep you up at night.

“In honor of the #Masters and one of the only sports Dad Bods can still compete in” – thanks for the share @perryballs

A photo posted by CollegeDadBods™ (@collegedadbods) on Apr 11, 2015 at 12:17pm PDT


Consider this your friendly reminder that a 10-beer-a-day habit and a penchant for humblebragging about how much he squats does not disqualify a man from the human experience. Dadbods are people, too.