The Definitive ‘How To Make It In America’ Brand Name-Dropping Supercut

In a past life, back before I became a rich and famous internet writer, I worked for Nielsen part-time tracking product placements in TV shows (As did Ufford at Warming Glow, for that matter!), so I’m vaguely aware of how much money products/brands pay to have their stuff mentioned and/or featured on television and in movies. With that said, “How To Make It In America” must be an advertising cash cow for HBO.

And speaking of HTMIIA, it’s gotten so much better this season, no? I had a real love/hate relationship with it in the first season — I mainly stuck with it because a lot of the people, places and storylines in the show were familiar to me. But this season has seen some character development, I think, and HOLY CHRIST LAKE BELL’S TITS!!!

Just google them, okay.

Her butt’s not too bad either…

(HT: The High Definite via The Set)