The Four Most Ridiculous Sci-Fi Sexpisodes: When Aliens Force Our Heroes To Do It

08.03.11 8 years ago 9 Comments
Uh oh gang, it’s a s-s-sex monster! Or alien, virus, planet, robot or sexual dimension. If you watch enough Sci-Fi, you’re bound to see this gem of a plot pop-up, most likely earlier on in a new series as a ratings ploy. It goes a little something like this:

1. For the most flimsy reason imaginable, characters on the show must have sex. Perhaps they will die if they don’t, perhaps there will be a war, or maybe they’ve been infected with a mysterious virus and they just can’t help themselves.

2. Characters we have never seen before start dying. Our heroes, who normally will have sex with any green skinned, tentacle-handed woman who comes their way, somehow manage to avoid this particular pants fly trap.

3. Like any bad sexual experience early on in a relationship, this episode is referenced as little as possible for the rest of the series out of embarrassment .

Obviously, there are variations.  We’ve decided to take a look the most ridiculous, goofy over the top Sci-Fi sexpisodes.

“Babylon 5” – “Acts of Sacrifice”

A lot of people rag on “Babylon 5” because the set shuddered when someone shut a door, but this episode is a great example of how the show could put a clever spin on an old trope.

The Plot: Commander Susan Ivanova is tasked with negotiating a treating with the Lumati, a particularly ugly and kind of Republican race that believes in survival of the fittest to an extreme. As such Correlilmurzon, the Lumati representative, is put off by the advanced medical facilities when touring the station and is only convinced to join in an alliance when he sees the homeless squalor of those living in the “Down Below” part of the station. Any race that lets their own people who can’t pull their own weight starve on their space stations is cool with him. There’s only one problem: Lumati seal deals with sex.

Redeeming Qualities: When Ivanova discovers that Correlilmurzon has no idea how humans mate, she stages a Vaudevillian version of a complete human relationship with wild, ridiculous dancing and singing “Boom-shaka-laka-boom!” The clever ruse works and a disappointed Correlilmurzon reluctantly leaves convinced he’s just had sex the human way, but with the promise, “Next time, my way.”

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