The Ice Bucket Challenge Has Inspired This Adorable Imitation To Help Animals

It was only a matter of time before the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge spawned imitators, because why the heck not? Seeing as the challenge has already done so much good for ALS, there are tons of other worthy causes out there that can also benefit from a viral push.

So this one comes from The Spayed Club — a greater Philadelphia area low cost spay and neuter nonprofit — and good news, it doesn’t involve horribly dumping buckets of freezing water over your head! All you have to do to participate in this challenge is take a selfie of you and your pet, post it on social media, nominate your friends, and of course, make a small donation.

From The Spayed Club’s Facebook page:

In the spirit of the Ice Bucket Challenge, I’m taking The Spayed Club Selfie Challenge by posting a selfie of me and my favorite pet! Did you know that tens of thousands of healthy companion animals are euthanized every year in the Greater Philadelphia area, and 3-4 million across the US? TSC works today to prevent the unwanted litters of tomorrow from ending up in shelters. *Spay/neuter saves lives!*

To participate, post a pet selfie and go to our website,, to contribute to the cause, even if it’s only $5. TSC uses 100% of contributions today and every day to help animals. Copy and paste this [text] into your post with #thespayedclub (make sure your photo is public!) so we can see who’s taking our challenge! And have fun!

Nominate your animal loving friends to participate!

Of course, you can pretty much donate to any shelter or animal rights nonprofit, but credit where credit is due to the organization that started it. It’s win-win, because who doesn’t like pictures of animals? Not anyone I would care to associate with, that’s for damn sure.