The Incredible Portrait In Portrait Art Of Kim Dong Yoo

Celebrity artwork is nothing new, as people have loved painting celebrities, actors and entertainers ever since Leonardo DaVinci created a portrait of his favorite reality starlet, Mona Lisa. While many art aficionados would agree that Andy Warhol perfected the celebrity portrait, that won’t stop others from attempting to paint their tributes to pop culture icons. After all, Warhol never created a now-hauntingly surreal portrait of Whitney Houston by using just pills like Jason Mecier did.
But every artist has his method, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder and/or the person willing to pay a buttload of cash for one of the artist’s efforts, and one artist who truly understands effort is Kim Dong Yoo. Raised on the mean streets of the College of Fine Art, Mokwon University, this Korean artist’s portraits feature one main subject – like Michael Jackson up there – made up of hundreds of portraits of another subject – Jacko’s actually a bunch of Madonna portraits.
So the next time you’re bitching about not knowing how to make Tom Hanks in your game of Draw Something with Aunt Karen, think about Kim painting the same picture of Madonna over and over until it looks like Michael Jackson. And people say ADD is widespread.

(Hat tip to Oddity Central.)
Here’s an up close sample of the previous portrait.