The Internet Can’t Stop Making Fun Of Rick Perry

How can I put this delicately — the internet loves, and loves making fun of, human caricatures extreme personalities, so it should probably come as no surprise that the internet has been having plenty of laffs at Rick Perry’s expense ever since the rootin’-tootin’ Texas governor burst upon the scene a few weeks ago as the GOP’s best hope to beat Obama in 2012 (Which didn’t last long). Hell, it seems lately as though our friends at Buzzfeed have had at least a post per day dedicated to making fun of Rick Perry, in addition to his loony far-right cohort who just can’t help herself, Michele Bachmann.

But the video I’ve embedded below — in which some merry internet tricksters at Bad Lip Readers took Perry’s presidential candidacy announcement video and dubbed random words over the whole thing — made me laugh about as hard as I can remember laughing in a long time. What Perry winds up saying makes absolutely no sense at all, which is all the more funnier seeing as Perry doesn’t make much sense on his own when he’s speaking lately.