Twitter Is Crucifying The Millennials Who Have No Clue Who Paul McCartney Is

Paul McCartney
Getty Image

New Year’s Day brought with it jubilance, positivity towards the future, and a new Kanye West collaboration with Sir Paul McCartney. The track, “Only One,” is now available on iTunes, and for those who decry upper class politics for helping shrink the middle class, with equal dedication we must shed light on the other thing that is being marginalized: music history.

Paul McCartney is not even in the ground yet (judging by the youthful appearance of his gorgeous hair, it’s unlikely that he will leave us anytime soon), and still there are those who have no idea who he is. Here’s a refresher: he was one of The Beatles, arguably the most influential music group in history.

Of course, everyone knows who West is. He’s one of the most influential contemporary music acts, but it remains a sad state of affairs that our youth cannot identify the man who helped mold pop music into what it is today. Plenty of tweens went to Twitter to ask “who is Paul McCartney?” even going so far as to thank Kanye West for extending a helping hand to Sir Paul, giving him a boost in the competitive music marketplace. What they didn’t realize, is that they were committing a cardinal sin, one punishable by 40 lashes from the rubber that makes Madonna’s facial bondages. Experience the wrath that is the Twittersphere…

And then there is this poor soul, who doesn’t realize the flood of hatred that is soon to bombard her notifications tab, testing the elasticity of her tear ducts.

Weep for her, people. Even more, weep for America.