The Internet Is Trying To Get Ruth Bader Ginsburg A Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor

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Earlier this week, Tania Lombrozo at NPR wrote an article titled “Why We Need Ruth Bader Ginger Ice Cream.” The point was that in the long storied history of Ben & Jerry’s naming ice cream flavors after stuff and/or people, there have only been two flavors named after women — “Liz Lemon’s Greek Frozen Yogurt” and “Hannah Teter’s Maple Blondie” — and that it would be nice to have more. In fact, that article was piggybacking off of a BuzzFeed post from last week, in which a community user named Amanda McCall Photoshopped-up a bunch of fictional female-themed Ben & Jerry’s flavors. Point being: this became a thing, quickly.

And so, as will happen when ideas become things, a Massachusetts resident named Yael Mazor-Garfinkle decided to start a petition for Ruth Bader Ginger to become a real flavor.

Rather than honoring Jimmy Fallon’s 1 year anniversary of hosting The Tonight Show, we instead should honor women who have made significant contributions to American history. In that spirit, I nominate the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg — the second woman to sit on the United States Supreme Court and an inspirational role model to young women everywhere.

The hypothetical flavor is described as “brown sugar cinnamon ice cream, with ginger snap cookies and a ginger caramel swirl.” You could do a lot worse, both as a flavor and a potential selection. I mean, Antonin ScaLima Bean would just be gross.

Source: Daily Dot