‘The Last Of Us’: Get Properly Hyped With 45-Minutes Of In-Game Footage

Holy crap guys! Less than a month until The Last of Us finally hits! Not feeling the hype yet? Jeez, my powers of persuasion must be failing me. Well, I bet you’ll be adequately excited after you check out a nice big chunk of very pretty in-game footage — a whopping 45-minutes worth of it to be exact.

Hit the jump to check it out (and beware sticklers, the footage contains minor spoilers)…

The first clip sees Joel and Ellie exploring a (relatively) quiet rural area. Not a huge amount of action, but it gives a good idea of how the game actually functions.

This next clip takes place in Pittsburgh and is a lot more action-packed.

Well, my enthusiasm has not been dimmed. I like that game’s willing to breathe, keep things low-key sometimes and let the tension build. That said, the action looks pretty crazy when it does break out.

via Gamersbook