‘The Last Of Us’ Has Multiplayer. Here’s How It Works.

You wouldn’t know it from most of the pre-release coverage, but The Last of Us has a mutliplayer mode, and it seems like it’s going to be quite ambitious.

Basically, you’ll join one of two factions and then your goal is survive for “12 weeks”. Every mutliplayer bout counts as a “day”, so you can do the math on how long it will take to finish the mode. The goal of each match (aside from murdering the opposing team of course) is to collect resources, which can either be used as supplies for your refugee camp, or armor/weapon upgrades and ammo. You can also completely customize your character’s appearance, outfit and loadout.

So yeah, there’s a cool metagame going on here — the actual shootery gameplay on the other hand, looks a little bit more standard. Not bad mind you, just not mind-blowing. Hit the jump for a bit of leaked multiplayer footage…

I’m still mostly into The Last of Us for the single player, but unlike a lot of triple-A games it looks like the multiplayer is more than just tacked on and will be worth a look.

via Push Square & Boss Battle Coming