The ‘Let’s F*cking Frisbee’ Craigslist Guy Is 100% Real And Does Not Disappoint

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10.22.14 3 Comments

Yesterday we brought you the story of a dude based out of the ‘Noog (that’s Chattanooga, TN, for all us non-locals) who was looking for a frisbee buddy on Craiglist with the headline “LET’S F*CKING FRISBEE.” Basically, the chillax dude in question was looking for a partner to throw around a frisbee with — none of that golf or ultimate BS, and no kinky stuff either.

The post was originally found on Reddit, where it was going viral — so some brave Redditor took him up on it. It looks like he and the frisbee guy, who we now know goes by “Dangus,” had an excellent time. (You can see the rest of the photos here.)

One really cool thing that’s come out of this, is that the guy who met this frisbee guy is now organizing a frisbee meetup in Chattanooga’s Coolidge Park on November 1st for anyone who wants to hang out, throw frisbees and meet the guy who started it all.

It’s me, the guy who met the frisbee guy. I was thinking we should plan to have a big meet up somewhere here in town and F*CKING THROW FRISBEES! Haha, I can contact the frisbee guy and everyone could meet him. I think it would really make him happy. A lot of people from here in Chattanooga said they’d be up for it, so we need to plan this! Who’s in? I’m in!

Stories like this are what makes writing about the internet occasionally life affirming. And if you’re wondering what Dangus keeps in his flask, it’s bourbon. I knew he’d be my kind of guy.

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