The Man With The ‘World’s Largest Penis’ Admits To Wearing Tight Pants In Public To Shock People

Jonah Falcon, haver of the largest recorded penis, was interview by Salon this week, because — I don’t know — gigantic penis? When you’ve got a huge dick you don’t really need to have done anything of note to score an interview. And while Idris Elba says his isn’t the real deal, Jonah Falcon is more than happy to talk at length (heheheheh) about his gift. He’s also more than happy to show it off, as he admits he sometimes does, in public, in front of children and pets and the elderly.

You sometimes go out in public wearing very tight pants —

I used to. Whenever I do it it’s to shock people. The last time I did it was a couple weeks ago. I was wearing a Union Jack top and Union Jack leggings. People were more drawn to the Union Jack before they realized there was a bulge going halfway down my leg.

So why did you stop doing that as frequently?

I guess I just got older and more mature. I’m also nowhere near as hot as I used to be. When you’re in your 20s and thin and you can have sex with anybody you like, you tend to show off. Now I’m a little bit more selective than that.

I, for one, would like to know what this dude wore in public back when he was more “selective” than wearing full-on Union Jack spandex from head to toe. Did he dress up like a giant-dicked glittery unicorn or just leave the house wearing nothing but a bow tie and a knee-high sock?

Either way, he’s a fascinating individual, and if you’re interested in learning more, here’s an old episode of Strange Sex featuring Falcon and his huge dong: