"The Metal Men" Are On The Way To the Silver Screen

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06.22.12 2 Comments

Barry Sonnenfeld has been developing The Metal Men for Warner Brothers as part of what seems to be their ongoing initiative to avoid actually giving any members of the Justice League their own movie at any possible cost.

Not that we’re complaining about seeing the Metal Men on the big screen, although we really hope Sonnenfeld and Warners are smart about it and just make it a CGI cartoon. The characters lend themselves to Sonnenfeld’s taste for the absurd.

On the other hand, we know DC has been developing the Flash, Wonder Woman, and Shazam for a decade, or even longer, and it’s a little weird that they’re still sitting on the bench while a team that hasn’t even had an ongoing series in more than thirty years is getting a shot at the big screen. Really, DC, anybody else you want to dig out from utter obscurity? The Heckler? Maybe the Blood Pack? How about Ambush Bug?

… Actually, yeah, get to work on Ambush Bug.

image courtesy JD Hancock on Flickr

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