The Mom Who Hosted Naked Twister Also Allegedly Took A ‘Multi-Party’ Bubble Bath With Teens

New details are rolling in about Rachel Lehnardt, the 35-year-old Georgia mom who allegedly hosted a drug and alcohol-fueled party for her teenage daughter’s underage friends, in which she engaged the teens in a game of naked Twister and had sex with her daughter’s boyfriend (in addition to another 18-year-old boy).

It’s hard to imagine how the story could get much crazier, but court papers from an emergency motion filed by Lehnardt’s estranged husband, James Lehnardt, a 37-year-old Iraq war veteran whom she filed for divorce from back in February, accuse the mother of negligence of her five children. In addition to claims that Lehnardt left her children — whose ages range from 8 to 16 — alone while visiting her boyfriend (who himself is allegedly involved in heavy drug use), the infamous Twister party also allegedly involved a “multi-party bubble bath” involving teens, according to the Smoking Gun:

Judge J. Wade Padgett wrote, Lehnardt refused to answer questions about the “circumstances surrounding a multi-party bubble bath” involving “teenage children” and whether she left her kids “alone at night for up to two and one-half weeks in each month to be with her boyfriend.”

Padgett ruled that the drug, bubble bath, and abandonment charges leveled against Lehnardt were true, according to a court order. As for other claims about salacious–and illegal–conduct, Padgett noted that he was required by law to report them to police.

The actual court documents themselves paint a chilling picture:

The judge has awarded temporary custody of Lehnardt’s five children to their paternal grandparents, as James Lehnardt is in treatment for PTSD and Anxiety/Depression Disorder, in addition to “sexual addiction to pornography.” (Via Death & Taxes)