The Mother Of All Cat Video Compilations Asks That We Stop Referring To Them As ‘Scaredy Cats’

Our good friend and Master YouTubesman Robert Jones laboriously put together this video compilation of cats making an argument against the whole “scaredy cat” stereotype, but I don’t know — some of these cats still look pretty scared if you ask me. I’ve got four cats that were all rescued from the mean streets of West Philadelphia, which should theoretically be some of the toughest cats ever. But when a pet turtle got loose while we out this weekend you’d have thought Daenerys dragons themselves had been flying around, wreaking havoc in the joint. One of them actually paw smacked an oven mitt out of terror at some point later in the day because it looked like it was remotely turtle shaped. They can’t all be Tara the Hero Cat, I guess, so the jury’s still out on this one.