The New 52's Second Wave: How Is It So Far?

05.03.12 7 years ago 4 Comments
Yesterday was New Comic Book Day, and on the shelves were the replacements for the books DC didn’t like in the New 52, which at least got eight issues apiece.

The four new titles were “G.I. Combat”, “World’s Finest”, “Earth 2”, and “Dial H”. How were they? Taken as a whole, pretty good.

“World’s Finest”

Out of all of these books, this is the most…unreconstructed, is probably the best way of putting it. The combination of George Perez’s pencils and Levitz’s writing makes this feel a bit like a book that came straight out of DC’s early ’80s. It’s rock solid and it’s fun, and it’s especially nice after all the awful redesigns to see that somebody has finally taught Power Girl that cleavage is not the way to go. And it’s also a nice touch that this ties into the canceled “Mr. Terrific”. We hope DC keeps this up: rolling canceled books into new ones will make for some better continuity and make us less bitter over “OMAC” getting the boot.

“G.I. Combat”

This is a good book, but the two stories have a tone problem, a bit. The first one is about dinosaurs attacking North Korea, and while it keeps a straight face so as not to oversell the premise…there are dinosaurs. Attacking North Korea. Admittedly with some absolutely beautiful art, but still. Compare this to “The Unknown Soldier”, who, uh, gets known pretty fast and teeters on the verge of coming off like a mid ’90s comic in the writing. All in all, a solid book, but we’re not sure it’ll do any better than “Men of Combat.”

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