The New RoboCop Is Going To Make A Killing

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03.05.12 2 Comments

If you’ve been keeping track of our Now MGM has closed a deal, and the new RoboCop is someone else altogether: Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman. He did a convincing Oakland accent in The Killing, but we’ll see how he handles the Detroit accent, as Padilha has already said the movie will stay in the D. (It’s so cold there.)

[Kinnaman] burst on the scene in the AMC series The Killing and prior to that he starred in the Espinosa-directed Snabba Cash. Hollywood is desperately trying to find male stars that studios can build movies around. [Deadline]

Meh, they should focus more on building the RoboCop suit around him and on making a great movie, then let stars emerge from people loving the movie. But that’s crazy talk, letting someone become a star because people love their work and not because the studio tells us we’re supposed to love them. Speaking of loving someone’s work, here’s a video about his character on AMC’s The Killing. This is a pretty good American accent.  He didn’t say “bork bork bork” even once.

[Video via /film. Inset picture via IMDb. Banner photoshop based on “RoboCop on a Unicorn” by Olav Rokne]

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