The Next Project From The Director Of ‘Drive’ Is A Horror Movie About Drinking Corpse Water

After the, uh, mixed (yeah, we’ll be generous and say mixed) success of Only God Forgives, Nicolas Winding Refn, the Danish director of Drive, is taking a slightly more conventional route with his next film The Bringing.

The movie is based on the real-life horror story of Elisa Lam, who mysteriously wound up dead in the water holding tank at Los Angeles’ Cecil Hotel, which lead to a lot of guests at the hotel drinking corpse consommé for days before she was found. The Cecil Hotel has also been home to numerous suicides and not one, but two serial killers. So, it sounds like the movie will taking the “it’s GHOSTS that got poor Elisa Lam” approach. Elisa Lam will be played by Ryan Gosling of course.

Full disclosure, I’m mostly reporting this story because I wrote about this story last year in an article that got around 2 million page views, so there’s some small chance Nicholas Winding Refn got the idea for his next movie from my dumb ass. Hey Nicolas, I’ve got plenty more gross stories if you need any more inspiration.

via io9