The Onion Parodies A TED Talk Brilliantly: 'Why Does The Duck Say Quack?'

11.01.12 2 Comments

I’ll admit, I like watching a good TED presentation on YouTube every once in a while. They can be inspiring and informative. But they call occasionally also be pompous and nonsensical. Leave it to The Onion to illustrate this brilliantly.

The duck says quack, while some animals on the farm take quite a different approach. Award-winning animal behaviorist Peter Garcia discusses these contrasting philosophies, and how we can reconcile them for a brighter future.

And speaking of The Onion, this — in response to Hurricane Sandy — was just perfect.

Gradually comprehending that this sort of thing is now just a fact of life, citizens all across America stared blankly at images of destroyed homes, major cities paralyzed by flooding, and ravaged communities covered in debris, and finally acknowledged that this, apparently, is now a regular part of the human experience.

“Oh, I see—this is just going to be how it is from here on out,” said New York City resident Brian Marcello, coming to terms with the fact that an immense storm that cripples mass transit systems and knocks out power for millions in the nation’s largest metropolitan area can no longer be regarded as an isolated, freak incident, and will henceforth be just a normal thing that happens. “Hugely destructive weather events are going to keep happening, and they are going to get worse and worse, and living through them is something that will be a part of all our lives from now on, whether we like it or not.”

“I get it now,” Marcello added.


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