The Onion’s Response To Getting Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army Was Wonderful, Dark

Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Syrian Electronic Army is kind of a c*nt, right? Yesterday, the pro-government hacking organization took over the Onion’s Twitter account, resulting in their millions of followers to wonder whether this was an incredibly detailed joke that only Greg in Marketing claimed to get. Nope, just hackers.

The group, which supports Syria’s embattled president, Bashar Al-Assad, posted several anti-Israel messages to The Onion’s nearly 5 million Twitter followers. Another message read, “UN retracts report of Syrian chemical weapon use: Lab tests confirm it is Jihadi body odor.”

A member of the Syrian Electronic Army who goes by the hacker handle “Th3 Pr0” told the NY Times that the group aimed at The Onion because of a recent Onion parody post, purportedly written by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, titled: “Hi, In The Past 2 Years, You Have Allowed Me To Kill 70,000 People.” (Via)

After the issue was resolved, by changing their password to “OnionMan77,” the Onion wrote up the following:

After hacking into The Onion’s Twitter account earlier today, members of the Syrian Electronic Army confirmed that the organization simply wanted to have a little fun before soon dying at the hands of rebel forces.

“We figured that before they bust in here and execute every single one of us, we might as well have a good time and post some silly tweets about Israel from a major media outlet’s feed,” said a spokesperson from the pro-Assad group, adding that he and his cohorts “had a few good laughs” and are now fully prepared for their painful and undoubtedly horrific deaths in the coming days.

At press time, violent screams and pleas for mercy were reportedly overheard as rebel troops broke into the Syrian Electronic Army’s hideout. (Via)

And the final words the SEA leader heard was, “THIS ONE’S FOR AREA MAN.”

(Via Tech Crunch) (Via the Onion)

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