The Only GIF Of The Guy From One Direction With The Hair Getting Hit In The Nuts With A Shoe You Need

Haha, RIGHT in the groin. Says the Daily News, because this is NEWS.

During a Glasgow, Scotland concert on Tuesday, Harry Styles and his One Direction bandmates took a break during their show to chat with fans, when someone tossed a shoe onto the stage.

Styles, 19, picked it up but the other shoe was soon hurled in his direction.

The singer took a hit to his lower region, doubling over in pain and falling onto the concert stage. The crowd, along with some of his band mates, erupted in laughter. (Via)

“THAT’S FOR TAYLOR,” I hope someone yelled. But how does it compare to history’s other memorable groin hit?

Well, Moleman’s GIF had heart, but Harry Styles Shoe to the Groin had a shoe to the groin.

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