The Paula Deen Blooper Reel Is A Thing Of Hideous Beauty, Involves Deep Throating An Eclair

There’s a back story involving celebrity tours and people suing other people and large amounts of butter, probably, which you can read about here, via the New York Post, but all you need to know about the Paula Deen blooper reel is that: she swears a lot, says her “ass ain’t pretty no more,” calls one of her meatballs the “nastiest meatball she’s ever had,” proclaims that another dish smells like “stinky coochie,” and deep-throats an eclair, which is to worst things ever as that Alison Brie GIF is to best things ever. NSFLife.

That poor eclair. He was just one day away from retirement. Anyway, it’s a totally reasonable New York Post commentator who puts it best:

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