The Peter Thiel-Backed Conservative Dating App ‘The Right Stuff’ Is Live And The Jokes Are Flying

Just in time for Donald Trump’s Twitter clone to hit still more bad times, here’s “The Right Stuff.” No, not the longtime neo-Nazi site of the same name. It’s the conservative dating app — founded by Trump aide John McEntee, funded by right wing venture capitalist Peter Thiel — that was threatened earlier this year. Expected to bow last summer, it instead landed in early fall, complete with a new ad. Alas, if anyone involved in the new app thought they could escape social media mockery, they were wrong.

The spot features a variety of women in talking about what they’re looking for in a man (not a woman, of course). “They just have to be a conservative,” one says, revealing a fairly low bar. Another says she likes “the alpha-male vibe.” On the subject of why they want to date conservatives, one woman says that rightwingers “know how to treat a woman,” while another says they have “better manners.” “I like that they understand their role in the relationship as a man,” yet another says, which seems like a pretty dog-whistle-y statement.

It didn’t take long for people to make parodies of the ad, juxtaposing some of the women’s responses with unflattering images of actual GOP men.

Some people even signed up for accounts, only to be wowed by some of the prompts.

Those prompts received some jokey responses.

The app’s female-centric ad also reminded people that today’s GOP is not exactly pro-women.

Others advised people to definitely not start joke accounts.

There were also plenty of miscellaneous jokes.

The ad had one person wondering why right wingers mock leftists for safe spaces, when that’s what this app (and Truth Social, and Gab, and Fox News, etc.) is.