The Saddest Christmas Tree Ever In Reading, Pennsylvania Is Going To Be Removed By The City

Hundreds of people came out Friday night for the annual Christmas Tree lighting in downtown Reading, Pennsylvania, but many were disappointed by what has been called a “sad,” “ugly,” and “pathetic” Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Except unfortunately while in A Charlie Brown Christmas, the love of all of the children made the tree beautiful at the end — the residents of Reading learned the hard way that in real life, you can’t always polish a turd.

The tree was not actually the city’s first choice, but due to heavy rains earlier in the week, they weren’t able to get their equipment into the field to get to the site of the pre-chosen tree, so turd tree it was. Now the tree is going to be taken down and replaced for basically being the most beat ass tree ever with its branches and crap literally falling off onto the ground, or as one man succinctly put it — “if there was a squirrel right now looking for someplace to live in the winter, it wouldn’t even go into the tree.”

I actually used to live in the Reading area and in addition to being known for its pretzels, weird-ass random Pagoda, and home of the Gosselins, Reading is also unfortunately known for its crime and poverty. So having a Christmas Tree that is literally falling apart probably isn’t doing much to help the reputation of the city. City officials expect to have the new one up by Monday evening and a local car dealership is planning to try to salvage the old one. Good luck with that!

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(Via WFMZ69)