The Sequel To The Horrifying Brazilian Elevator Scare Video Involves A Coffin

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12.06.12 5 Comments

Just in case the first Brazilian elevator video didn’t convince you: NEVER RIDE AN ELEVATOR IN BRAZIL. Last time ’round, a little dead girl and her doll appeared out of nowhere while the lights flickered. This time, the brilliant bastards behind Programa Silvio Santos, or as it translates in English, What the Hell Is Wrong with You, Brazil? Seriously, WTF?, put an occupied coffin into the elevator. Pants-pooping ensued.

The premise of the two videos is basically the same, but this one might be better; the editors joyfully employed sound effects last heard on Looney Tunes. Blinking eyes that sound like chimes, doors that open with slipping noises, that kind of stuff. Always funny, especially when someone’s shrieking their face off at the same time.

(Via ABC)

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