The Shocking Pillow Talk Of Megan Fox And Shia Labeouf Revealed!

As our pal Vince noted over at Film Drunk earlier, Hollywood movie star assembly line product Shia Labeouf claims in an interview with Aaron Gell for Details magazine that he has “hooked up” with human sex person Megan Fox at least once, despite her being in a longtime relationship of some sort with that guy who played David Silver on 90210. Now, “hooked up” means a lot of things to a lot of people — ranging from a brief make-out session to a hearty fingerbang to a full-blown shag-fest — but of course the Internet has interpreted “hooked up” to mean that the two definitely took a trip down to the bone zone together, and I have absolutely no qualms at all about pushing that narrative along.
With all of that said, I happen to have a source (As far as you know) who tipped me off to some of the shocking — SHOCKING — pillow talk the two shared during their, ugh, hookups. So I’ve gathered a ten images of Shia and Megan together and added the dialogue that was leaked to me, like in the image above (What is it with this girl and Hitler?). Enjoy…