‘The Star Wars’ Brings Lucas’ Weird Early ‘Star Wars’ Drafts To The Comics Page

Dark Horse has been pumping out Star Wars comics at a steady pace for a long time now, and while some of them have actually been pretty good, they tend to be pretty easy to ignore at this point. Well, you might not want to ignore their latest Star Wars project.

The Star Wars is an eight-issue adaptation of George Lucas’ original rough-draft version of Star Wars. A lot changed from initial rough script to final movie — Annikin and Luke are unrelated and fighting alongside each other, Han Solo is a green-skinned alien and there’s as many Wookiees running around as Ewoks in Return of the Jedi.

Hit the jump for a trailer for the series…

The talented Mike Mayhew is drawing The Star Wars, so even if George’s early bats–t script isn’t your thing, the comic will at least look super nice.

via The Hollywood Reporter