The Terminator Is Searching For Sarah Connor On Twitter

The Terminator famously said, “I’ll be back,” or, as a proper Englishman would say it, “In due time, I shall indubitably return.” So, of course, this exists — because naturally The Terminator would incorporate social media into any modern quest for Sarah Connor — and it’s just brilliant in its simplicity.

Last Wednesday, a Twitter account was created for T-800, Cyberdine Systems Model 101, better known as The Terminator. Using the handle @111001001101010, the T-800 has begun its quest to find Sarah Connor. So far, The Terminator has asked about 70 different “Sarahs” on Twitter whether of not they are Sarah Connor.

Seriously, whoever thought to do this is a genius. To pull off a fake anything online — a fake blog, Twitter account, etc. — may appear easy but it’s actually quite hard, and this one is the tits. The execution is just perfect.

Even better, I think the big guy may have found a target…

Trig Palin’s real name is John Connor, y’all. Shhhhh!