‘The Thing’ Red Band Trailer Is Full Of CGI Things

09.20.11 7 years ago




…and introducing, Sex Lobster!


“The last place you’d want to be is cooped up with a dozen Norwegian guys.” Now I realize that sounds like the opening dialogue to a Scandinavian porno, but it’s actually one of the first lines from the latest red band trailer for The Thing. After that, all of the spoken words to follow are pretty much “Ahhhhhhhhhh” and “Noooooooo“, but I suppose it’s the context that truly counts. What’s most shocking about this latest trailer is actually how much footage we get to see of The Thing’s appearance. Shape shifting, tentacle stabbing, identity stealing and ice block smashing: this trailer has it all. Looks to be heavily dipped in the CGI sprinkles factory, but I’m still holding out hope. Even if this new prequel only packs 30% of the punch that the original did, that’s still a whole lot more worth watching than I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. Man, I will never forgive myself for that one. It shall forever remain my barometer, bro.

Red band trailer after the jump:




[via VeryAware]

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