The Totally ‘Archer’ Supercut Makes For A Good Transition

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02.17.12 2 Comments

Hello boys and girls. Maske here. As you may or may not have seen in Cajun Boy’s last post I will be taking the full editorial reigns for today and all of next week as he continues on his valiant quest to accumulate the largest bead collection in all of Orleans Parish. Think of it as being kind of like high school when that one veteran teacher you really liked got shingles and the cool substitute who would buy you beer for the right mark up took over for an extended period of time.

Since all things Archer are kind of my bread and butter around here this new and totally awesome supercut feels like quite the apropos transition to the week of Maske. Nothing makes my Friday morning quite like hearing “Eyebang a teenager” in the first five seconds of a supercut of my favorite show.

Expect things to be almost the same, but kinda different. Less eloquent, possibly handsomer. Big thanks in advance to Robo, Dan, and Burnsy for pitching in even more than normal. Please direct all tips, suggestions, and sexting to This will be us a week from now…

YouTube via Robopanda

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