The Unfortunately Named ‘Heroes: Reborn’ Is Already Getting A Prequel

It says a lot that Tim Kring, mastermind of Heroes/guy blamed for derailing a promising series, thought of Heroes: Reborn as a title, considering what those two words paired together say to a lot of nerds. It says even more that apparently thirteen episodes isn’t quite enough to fit his story in… no, we need a “prequel” webseries too.

First of all, does it really qualify as a “prequel” when the material it’s supposed to be a prequel to isn’t even out yet? Wouldn’t this just make it part of the actual body of work? Anyway, Screen Rant has some more details on this webseries, including where you can see it:

Titled – rather unimaginatively – Heroes Reborn: Digital Series, the online prequel will be available on, Hulu, and video-on-demand. When it will be available isn’t clear, but seeing as casting hasn’t even been announced for the new series, it’s a safe bet the prequel will release no earlier than late 2014.

Hey, NBC, if we put a charity drive together and raise enough money, will you title it Heroes: Reborn: The Beginning: Part I? Please?

Joking aside, it does raise a few eyebrows. Either there was too much material in the first place, or NBC is using this to test out running more digital series, or both. It seems curious that NBC is limiting the show to 13 broadcast episodes, albeit we’re kind of hoping that this means they’re saving a little space for one of the best shows on television.

Still, if you’re a fan of the franchise, the good news is you’ll be able to try it out before getting your hopes too far up. We’ll keep you posted as more news arrives.

Via Screen Rant