The Vectrex Is Back

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In the ongoing march towards bringing absolutely everything from ’80s gaming to tablets, the Vectrex is making a return.

This is a nostalgia trip for your slightly older buddy in your D&D group. The Vectrex was a 3D console that used black-and-white vector graphics, making it a lot closer to the arcade games of the time in terms of quality. Unlike most consoles of the time (1982), the Vectrex actually came with its own monitor. You put color in the system by slapping plastic sheets over the screen.

Seriously. We’re talking some very early ’80s, pre-Crash gaming style here. And now it’s an app.

Developed courtesy of Rantmedia Games, the app will feature all twenty of the original games on the system, plus new ones, since no retro console is without a homebrew developer community. Apparently those hours spent messing with vectors have paid off!

It’ll be for iOS and include the usual features for iOS games, like leaderboards. We’re also assuming that the plastic sheets will be available in some form considering they promise an authentic experience.

For our part we’re just wondering when somebody will put out a Magnavox Odyssey as an iPad dock.

image courtesy Rantmedia Games

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